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I Ride A Triumph

The Gear



Sony FS700, Sactler Tripod FSB 4, Roland R-44, Rode NTG-3, Dedo light for the interview, Canon 70-300mm, 100mm, 24mm, 17-55mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Zeiss 50mm. Zacuto EVF. Edited in Adobe Premium Pro CS6 Redgiant Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista 2.


The music is pure midi with the exception of some of the guitar riffs which I played and recorded myself with Propellerhead Software Reason 6. I've been using Reason for many years so I'm able to whip out music quickly when I'm inspired and when I'm not well that's a different story.

A Portrait of a Mermaid

So Avani and I shelpt off to Long Beach last weekend to film 'A Portrait of a Mermaid' with this year's winner of 'Best Mermaid' Kathleen Hayes. I met Kathy quickly while filming at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. A few weeks later she saw the film and contacted me. While chatting on-line with Kathy I asked her if she would be interested in participating in a short portrait I had in mind to be filmed on the beach she agreed. The day we met to shoot it was very windy with sand blowing all over my camera and gear but we managed to pull off. We spent the whole day at the beach not only filming but also enjoying the last few days of summer sunshine and warm weather. Kathy had invited a bunch of friends for her birthday beach party so I included a few of them in the film as well. We drank coconut juice and ate homemade empanadas it was a wonderful way to end the summer.


Gear: Canon 7D, Canon 17-55mm, Canon 70-300mm, Zeiss 50mm. Heliopan Variable ND filter,

Manfrotto Monopod, Roland Recorder R-44, Rode NTG-3-B with K-Tek topper windscreen and Rode Stereo video mic pro. Edited in Premium Pro CS6 and color graded with Colorista 2.

On The Waterfront

Last weekend I went to the Brooklyn waterfront for my second Sony FS700 test. I ran into two problems first when I turned on my Zacuto EVF Z-finder it wouldn't work in slow-mo I kept getting an "unsupported video format 1080P" error message. Second I couldn't see my camera settings on my EVF display that was a bit frustrating. It was getting dark and I didn't want to figure it out in the field so I just used the camera's LCD screen. When I got home I went into the display menu on the FS700 and under display set I selected all out and presto it worked. I could now see the camera settings on the EVF screen. The marker button on the camera toggles the EVF screen display on and off. I had read somewhere that the EVF display wouldn't support the FS700 slow-mo this isn't true. You need to make sure that the video out in Rec/Out is set to 1080i/480i or else the EVF display will go blank while recording.




My gear was simple a Manfrotto monopod, Megabones adapter, Canon 17-55mm and a polarizing filter.  I black balance for my lens although I'm not sure if that helped any but I did it anyway. The Metabones works fine with most of the Canon lenses but it wiggles a little with the Canon 17-55mm it's not solid so whenever I pulled focus the image would shift a little. On a tripod I don't see that being a problem if you use a lens support of some sort. For slow-mo stuff I used 120 and 240fps in start trigger mode.

While searching around for a new story I decided to do a short documentary style film about people who ride Triumph motorcycles. For this project I shot with the Sony FS700 which is a great camera on a tripod but not so good for a long hand-held shoot. Normally I would film on the back of a bike as a passenger but the camera is a bit heavy for me so I rented a convertible and had my friend and assistant Lenny drive me around while I filmed Andy from Shaw Promotion riding his Triumph Thruxton. We spent the whole day shooting most of the film but time flew by quickly and so Avani and I met up with Andy Shaw again a few days later to shoot the opening shot by the Williamsburg Bridge. I really like the dirty, gritty and grungy neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn it made for a nice landscape.

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