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This website was created back in 2009 to showcase my work not only to potential clients but also to share the things I've seen and capture with my camera to family and friends. It is the accumulation of passionate moving images I've filmed over the years that caught my attention and amazing places I have been fortunate to have visited around the globe.



When it comes to filming I enjoy a slower paced, hand-held cinematography style look. I embrace filmmaking technology especially with smaller cameras but more important I'm always trying to improve my visual storytelling skills. I also enjoy sharing with others what I learn along the way. For more detailed info about who I am and what I do or work related inquiries click here. I hope my website will resonate with you and help you find inspiration in your own journey.


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I Ride a Triumph







Dream a Little



The Image Making Journey

With such wonderful weather here in NYC I decided to get out and catch a glimpse of nature's splendor and film the fall foliage in Central Park like I do every year. I shot in two days in the late afternoon until sunset to take...


While searching around for a new story I decided to do a short documentary style film about people who ride Triumph motorcycles. This will be the first of many short stories of motorcycle films called "I Ride a Triumph" that I hope...


It's been a while since I did my last portrait video so when Karina asked me if I would be interested in producing a short video for her I thought it would be a good opportunity to do another one. For the location we decided to film...



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