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Reverie Street

updated 04/05/17

Since the weather has been nice over the past few weeks I decided to get out of the house and shoot some video around Wall Street and ground zero. I haven't been to the old World Trade Center since 9/11 2001. The huge Memorial fountain that outlines where the twin towers once stood is simple yet powerful and somber. I think they did a wonderful job it's beautiful. The footage was shot in 3 separate days in the late afternoon under various weather conditions. Matching shots was not an easy task and I don't claim to be a professional colorist but I did my best.


I love filming tourist they're always in a good mood and eager to be photographed. Although I don't understand their fascination with the Wall Street bronze bull statue it's fun watching them take candid photos of themselves and rubbing their bare fingers on the bull's testicles. Shot with the Sony A7s II and a few Canon lenses, 100-300mm f/4.0, 100mm f/2.8 and the 24-70mm f/4.0 mostly hand-held. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


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